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1. july 2014 mtg agenda.pdf
1. october 2014 ascac mtg agenda.pdf
2. recommendations for discussion.pdf
2. temporary practice working group sanction matrix.pdf
02.02.00 LTR AF 99 reprogramming.pdf
02.15.2001 LTR AF 2001 Grant Approval.pdf
02.16.99 LTR AF 99 Grant approval.pdf
3. national registry-information sharing working group sanction matrix.pdf
3. state information to be included on asc website.pdf
03.18.11 Press Release regarding ASC Bulletin 2011-01.pdf
03.24.11 Federal Register Notice on Stat. Provisions Affecting St. Appr. Reg. Programs.pdf
4. enforcement working group sanction matrix.pdf
4. proposed content for amc national registry.pdf
04.15.02 LTR AF 2002 Grant approval.pdf
5. asc sanction matrix – july mtg.pdf
5. ascac recommendations – draft.pdf
6. purpose and nature of sanctions.pdf
06.14.99 LTR AF 99 Supplemental approval.pdf
06.24.10 Federal Register Notice on Change to Rules of Operation – Addition of Vice Chair.pdf
06.24.10 Federal Register Notice on Privacy Act implementation – ASC address change.pdf
08.04.04 AQB CE Board Meetings Response.pdf
12.15.99 LTR AF 2000 Grant approval.pdf
12.17.99 LTR AF 99 reprogramming.pdf
2005.04.15 AQB Exp Dft Interpretation and a Guide Note.pdf
2009.11.03 Ltr TALCB request ASC opinion opening complaint litigation pending.pdf
2009.11.05 ASC LTR-SD-Comment on proposed Rules.pdf
2009.11.20 LTR All State Distance Education.pdf
2010.02.02 Ltr from ASC reponding to HI Speaker 11.30.2009.pdf
2010.02.25 ltr VI Governor-Appt to Board follow-up.pdf
2010.03.11 Ltr MN Prop Legislation Comment.pdf
2010.03.16 Ltr from C. Say, HI House of Reps – response to 2010.02.02 ASC ltr.pdf
2010.03.26 LTR All States new invoicing.pdf
2010.05.11 ltr to KY Lassiter Budget Director.pdf
2010.06.16 LTR from NJ Congress re XX Disapline.pdf
2010.06.25 Comments on Real Property Appr Qualification Criteria.pdf
2010.06.28 Ltr Resp NJ Congress re XX Disapline.pdf
2010.07.28 ASC cmts Foundation Exposure Draft.pdf
2010.08.26 cetf matrix final rev 121010.pdf
2010.10.12 Ltr to FHFA Welcome.pdf
2010.10.14 press release modified reg fee.pdf
2010.10.26 Modification of the Annual National Registry Fee.pdf
2010.11.22 Ltr AF 2011 Grant Clarification.pdf
2010.11.29 Ltr frm AF respond to 11.22.10.pdf
2010.12.23 ASC Rules of Operation – Amended.pdf
2011.01.11 Ltr MT House of Rep HB 40.pdf
2011.01.11 LTR NH Gov Office Possible Board Merge.pdf
2011.01.18 NH Response to 2011.01.11 ASC Ltr.pdf
2011.01.19 Press Release Hotline.pdf
2011.01.28 Determination Regarding National Appraisal Complaint Hotline.pdf
2011.01.31 LTR WA Commission Elimination.pdf
2011.03.07 Ltr to NH Budget Dir resp to 2011.01.18.pdf
2011.03.25 Ltr ASB Regarding Distressed Sales.pdf
2011.08.08 Ltr MT rsp Rules.pdf
2011.08.08 Ltr SD resp AMC Legislation.pdf
2011.08.11 asc supplement to bulletin 2011-01.pdf
2011.10.12 dc compliance review.pdf
2011.10.12 ms compliance review.pdf
2011.10.12 ri compliance review.pdf
2011.10.13 Ltr OK Rsp NR Fee Extension.pdf
2011.11.09 nh final compliance review.pdf
2011.11.09 sc final compliance review.pdf
2011.12.14 ia final compliance ltr and rpt.pdf
2012.02.08 me final compliance rpt and ltr.pdf
2012.02.08 ok final compliance rpt and ltr.pdf
2012.03.07 Ltr OR Governor – EWS.pdf
2012.03.14 hi final compliance review.pdf
2012.03.14 ne final compliance review.pdf
2012.03.14 ny final compliance review.pdf
2012.04.11 ks final compliance review.pdf
2012.05.09 il compliance review.pdf
2012.06.06 ASC Comments on 2012.05.15 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Rules.pdf
2012.06.19 Ltr NC re HB565.pdf
2012.08.20 LTR NY NR Fee.pdf
2013.02.25 LTR to NH Governor – EWS.pdf
2013.02.27 Ltr OK Pending Bill SB 1060.pdf
2013.03.07 Ltr to NJ Governor – Fill Board Vacancies.pdf
2013.04.03 LTR NY Investigator Training.pdf
2013.04.08 Ltr MO Rep Prop HB796.pdf
2013.05.16 overview of compliance review process.pdf
2013.05.29 Ltr NCUA Appointment Segerson.pdf
2013.06.25 LTR to VI Governor – Appointment of Board Members.pdf
2013.07.01 national registry report requirement.pdf
2013.07.01 safeguarding access to the national registry.pdf
2013.07.22 LTR ME Proposed Rule Comments.pdf
2013.08.14 Ltr ME re background checks.pdf
2013.09.03 VA LTR REF Public Hearing of 2013.08.24 Regarding Proposed Regulations.pdf
2013.09.11 asc strategic plan.pdf
2013.09.24 Ltr ME REF Proposed Rule 02.298 Ch 240.pdf
2013.11.07 LTR AR REF Background Checks Mailed 11.7.13.pdf
2013.11.21 LTR SD Proposed Rule Support 11.01.13 Revised to Include all Topics.pdf
2013.12.03 Ltr NJ re Fee Waiver.pdf
2013.12.23 LTR NJ re Response to Fee Waiver.pdf
2014 Annual Report.pdf
2014.01.28 Ltr ME Support for LD 1724.pdf
2014.02.06 LTR VA Governor.pdf
2014.02.12 ASC Rules of Operation.pdf
2014.02.19 Ltr MD Background Checks.pdf
2014.02.24 Ltr IN Proposed Rule Resp.pdf
2014.03.03 Ltr KS Required Background Checks.pdf
2014.03.03 LTR NJ Proposed Bill A2387.pdf
2014.03.25 Ltr AL SB73 HB202 Background Checks.pdf
2014.04.08 Sanction Matrix – April Mtg.pdf
2014.04.23 Ltr NC rsp Proposed Rules.pdf
2014.06.17 ASC Compliance Review Manual.pdf
2014.07.08 LTR to AQB REF 2d Exposure Draft.pdf
2014.07.10 ASC Delegations Of Authority.pdf
2014.09.24 LTR FHFA Appointment – M. Fernandez.pdf
2014.11.02 ltr from s. bren sd dlr.pdf
2015 ASC Annual Report.pdf
2015.06.09 LTR OCC Appointment – R. Taft.pdf
2015.08.05 LTR MS Congressional.pdf
2015.10.01 LTR AQB Comment on Concept Paper.pdf
2015.12.08 ny final review.pdf
2016 ASC Annual Report.pdf
2016.01.25 pr final review.pdf
2016.01.29 illinois compliance review.pdf
2016.02.05 LTR FDIC Appointment – M. Hatheway and R. Miller.pdf
2016.03.09 cnmi compliance review.pdf
2016.03.14 guam compliance review.pdf
2016.03.30 ga compliance review.pdf
2016.04.04 al final review.pdf
2016.04.22 tx final review.pdf
2016.05.20 ASC NPRM – AMC Registry Fees.pdf
2016.05.26 ar final compliance review.pdf
2016.05.31 la final complaince review.pdf
2016.06.28 az compliance review.pdf
2016.07.08 wa compliance review.pdf
2016.07.18 md compliance review.pdf
2016.07.18 mo compliance review.pdf
2016.08.04 nd final compliance review.pdf
2016.08.08 or final review.pdf
2016.08.17 MA Compliance Review.pdf
2016.09.06 NV Compliance Review.pdf
2016.09.12 CT Compliance Review.pdf
2016.09.14 PA Compliance Review.pdf
2016.09.21 SD Compliance Review.pdf
2016.10.12 – LTR to ASB – Comments on 2nd Exposure Draft – 2018-19 USPAP.pdf
2016.10.18 CA Final Review.pdf
2016.11.15 CO Final Compliance Review.pdf
2016.12.06 NC Compliance Review.pdf
2016.12.14 MI Final Compliance Review.pdf
2016.12.15 VT Compliance Review.pdf
2016.12.19 MN Compliance Review.pdf
2017 Annual Employee Survey Results.pdf
2017.01.09 NJ Compliance Review.pdf
2017.02.22 CFPB Appointment – Spicer and Neary.pdf
2017.03.09 WV Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.03.15 IN Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.03.20 SC Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.03.29 Florida Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.04.04 – Cancellation of Comment Period for Revised Policy Statements.pdf
2017.04.04 DE Compliance Review.pdf
2017.04.04 KY Compliance Review.pdf
2017.04.13 VI Compliance Review.pdf
2017.05.05 ID Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.05.15 Nebraska Compliance Review.pdf
2017.06.14 MS Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.06.15 DC Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.07.19 ME Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.08.08 NH Compliance Review.pdf
2017.08.14 Iowa Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.08.15 – HUD Appointment of C. Walker and B. Borland.pdf
2017.09.11 OH Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.09.12 TN Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.09.18 Montana Compliance Review.pdf
2017.10.18 Okahoma Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.10.20 New Mexico Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.10.20 Wisconsin Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.10.30 Alaska Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.10.30 Utah Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.11.06 Kansas Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.11.15 Virginia Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.11.20 Tristar Bank Waiver Request.pdf
2017.11.28 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 01.pdf
2017.11.28 TriStar Informal Comment 01.pdf
2017.11.28 TriStar Informal Comment 02.pdf
2017.11.30 City Bank and Trust Company Appraisal Waiver.pdf
2017.12.04 Wyoming Compliance Review.pdf
2017.12.05 TriStar Informal Comment 03.pdf
2017.12.05 TriStar Informal Comment 04.pdf
2017.12.05 TriStar Informal Comment 05.pdf
2017.12.06 TriStar Informal Comment 06.pdf
2017.12.06 TriStar Informal Comment 07.pdf
2017.12.06 TriStar Informal Comment 08.pdf
2017.12.07 TriStar Informal Comment 09.pdf
2017.12.07 TriStar Informal Comment 10.pdf
2017.12.07 TriStar Informal Comment 11.pdf
2017.12.08 TriStar Informal Comment 12.pdf
2017.12.08 TriStar Informal Comment 13.pdf
2017.12.08 TriStar Informal Comment 14.pdf
2017.12.11 CBT Informal Comment 01.pdf
2017.12.12 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 02.pdf
2017.12.12 TriStar Informal Comment 15.pdf
2017.12.13 TriStar Informal Comment 16.pdf
2017.12.14 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 03.pdf
2017.12.14 TriStar Informal Comment 17.pdf
2017.12.18 – TriStar Informal Comment 18.pdf
2017.12.19 – TriStar Informal Comment 19.pdf
2017.12.20 – TriStar Informal Comment 20.pdf
2017.12.20 Hawaii Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.12.20 Rhode Island Final Compliance Review.pdf
2017.12.20 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 04.pdf
2017.12.20 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 05.pdf
2017.12.20 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 06.pdf
2017.12.21 – TriStar Informal Comment 21.pdf
2017.12.21 LTR to City Bank and Trust – Follow-up to 12.05.17 ASC EML.pdf
2017.12.21 LTR TriStar Bank – Follow-up to 11.30.2017 ASC EML.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 07.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 08.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 09.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 10.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 11.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 12.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 13.pdf
2017.12.21 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 14.pdf
2017.12.22 – TriStar Informal Comment 22.pdf
2017.12.22 – TriStar Informal Comment 23.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 15.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 16.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 17.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 18.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 19.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 20.pdf
2017.12.22 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 21.pdf
2017.12.23 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 22.pdf
2017.12.23 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 23.pdf
2017.12.23 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 24.pdf
2017.12.23 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 25.pdf
2017.12.26 – TriStar Informal Comment 24.pdf
2017.12.26 – TriStar Informal Comment 25.pdf
2017.12.26 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 26.pdf
2017.12.27 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 27.pdf
2017.12.28 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 28.pdf
2017.12.29 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 29.pdf
2018.01.02 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 30.pdf
2018.01.02 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 31.pdf
2018.01.03 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 32.pdf
2018.01.03 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 33.pdf
2018.01.03 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 34.pdf
2018.01.03 Temporary Waiver Informal Comment 35.pdf
aaro board member training manual.pdf
advisory committee bylaws – final approved 2014.04.16.pdf
advisory committee charter – signed final 2014.02.12.pdf
AF 1999 AF audit transmittal 10.31.00.pdf
amended advisory committee charter – signed final 2014.06.17.pdf
amended balanced membership plan 2014.06.18.pdf
april 2014 ascac meeting minutes.pdf
april 2014 mtg agenda.pdf
ASC 2016 Annual Employee Survey Results.pdf
asc aes 2014 results report.pdf
ASC AES 2015 Results Reports.pdf
ASC Appraisal Foundation Grant Policy amended June 2014.pdf
ASC Bulletin 10-1 Modification of Annual National Registry Fee.pdf
ASC Bulletin 2017-01 – National Registry of AMCs – 2017.11.21.pdf
ASC Bulletin 2017-02 Extension of Implementation Period 2017.11.21.pdf
ASC Finding Descriptions All.pdf
ASC Policy Statements 06.01.13.pdf
ASC Rules.pdf
ASC Sanction Matrices – Revised.pdf
ASC Sanction Matrix Draft – Enforcement Working Group – Revised Draft 2014.10.15.pdf
ASC Staff Comments on ASCAC Recommendations.pdf
asc staff education file documentation for states.pdf
asc staff suggested application file documentation.pdf
asc staff’s suggested complaint log data.pdf
asc state grant policy 9 11 13.pdf
ascac comments – d. kelly.pdf
ascac comments – f. oneill.pdf
ascac comments – fhfa.pdf
ASCAC Recommendations – Final.pdf
ASCAC Recommendations – Revised.pdf
balanced membership plan – final 2014.02.12.pdf
Bulletin No. 2015-01 to States – AMC Rules.pdf
bulletin to states 2011-01 statutory provisions affecting state appraiser regulatory programs.pdf
C. McEntire’s comments – ASCAC recommendations 2015.01.30.pdf
complete voluntary disciplinary sanction matrix 2016-17 uspap 10.21.15.pdf
Complete Voluntary Disciplinary Sanction Matrix 2018-19 USPAP 10.5.17.pdf
February 2015 Advisory Committee Minutes.pdf
Final Revised ASC Policy Stmnts published in FR 2013.05.28.pdf
final rule for minimum requirements for amcs.pdf
FR EFOIA rules.pdf
FR Notice to States – Consideration of Extension for NR Fee Modification 08.10.11.pdf
FR Paperwork Reduction Act subpart C 1stNotice.pdf
FR PrivacyActUsesAmendment.pdf
FR PWRA 60 day SubA 04.06.04.pdf
FR PWRA 60-day SubC 04.06.04.pdf
FR PWRA 60-day SubD 04.06.04.pdf
FR Sub A.pdf
FR Sub C.pdf
LTR – FRB Appointment – Lindo.pdf
ltr 03.31.08 AQB ltr to ASC 24 month exp.reqmnt.pdf
LTR 2010.09.24 ASC staff comment on AQB Exposure Draft of Interpretations.pdf
LTR AF 2000 Grant Cover 04.13.00.pdf
LTR AF 2002 Grant apprvl 03.20.02.pdf
LTR AF 2002 Grant reprog 05.30.03.pdf
LTR AF 2003 Grant appv 09.18.03.pdf
LTR AF Course Costs 12.07.06.pdf
LTR AF grant request 1997 11.18.96.pdf
LTR AF grant request 1998 12.15.97.pdf
LTR AF grant supplemt request 1996 07.22.96.pdf
LTR AF grant supplemt request 1997 09.17.97.pdf
LTR AF grant supplemt request 1998 02.06.98.pdf
LTR AF Jan-Apr 98 grant reimbursement request 07.27.98.pdf
LTR AF Jan-Jun grant notification 08.17.98.pdf
LTR AF July reimb 10.20.98.pdf
LTR All States Final Policy Stmt 10G 20- 2007-superseded.pdf
LTR All States FinalPolicies-1and10-superseded.pdf
LTR All States re Proposed Pol Stmt 10G – 2007-superseded.pdf
LTR Appraisal Foundation audit 02.11.99.pdf
LTR AQB 41505 Exposure Draft 5.25.05.pdf
LTR AQB 080405 Exposure Draft 08.19.05.pdf
LTR AQB CE for Bd mtg 07.16.04.pdf
LTR AQB CO Distance education 10.17.00.pdf
LTR AQB comments 02.05.01.pdf
LTR AQB comments 04.17.06.pdf
LTR AQB comments 04.21.00.pdf
LTR AQB comments 04.22.02.pdf
LTR AQB comments 06.27.00.pdf
LTR AQB comments 08.02.02.pdf
LTR AQB comments 10.15.03.pdf
LTR AQB comments 10.17.00.pdf
LTR AQB comments 10.19.06.pdf
LTR AQB comments 11.27.02.pdf
LTR AQB comments 12.20.06.pdf
LTR AQB Continuing Ed 05.27.97.pdf
LTR AQB Continuing Ed 06.16.97.pdf
LTR AQB Continuing Ed 08.22.97.pdf
LTR AQB Continuing Ed 09.11.97.pdf
LTR AQB Continuing Ed 11.25.97.pdf
LTR AQB continuing ed carryover 06.30.98.pdf
LTR AQB Criteria Questions 03.01.99.pdf
LTR AQB Criteria Questions 04.07.99.pdf
LTR AQB Criteria Questions 04.13.99.pdf
LTR AQB Criteria Questions 12.22.98.pdf
LTR AQB Exam 09.24.98.pdf
LTR AQB reciprocity web site 08.27.98.pdf
LTR AQB TP Reciprocity website 08.19.98.pdf
LTR AQB Urban Appraiser Project 08.20.98.pdf
LTR AQB Urban Appraiser Project 09.02.98.pdf
LTR AQB warehousing 03.10.00.pdf
LTR ASB 2001 2nd exposure draft comments 05.23.01.pdf
LTR ASB 2001 exposure draft commnets 03.05.01.pdf
LTR ASB AO drafts.05.25.99.pdf
ltr asb comment conduct 03.13.96.pdf
LTR ASB Comment fair housing and intended use 05.09.96.pdf
LTR ASB comment intended use 03.13.96.pdf
LTR ASB comment proposed improvements 05.14.96.pdf
LTR ASB comment USPAP definitions 04.26.96.pdf
LTR ASB feb 10 exposure draft comments 03.31.00.pdf
LTR ASB Jurisdictional Exception 07.12.07.pdf
LTR ASB Staff Comment 2nd exposure 08.27.98.pdf
LTR ASB Staff comments Confidentiality 01.16.01.pdf
LTR ASB USPAP comments 03.20.98.pdf
ltr ASC 07.16.08 response to AQB 03.31.08 ltr.pdf
ltr to all states – reminder of 7 1 13 compliance review changes.pdf
ltr to states – revised policy statements effective 06 01 2013.pdf
ltrAZCommentsonPS10G-superseded – 2008.pdf
m. schiffman – revaa.pdf
Media Release and Supplement to Bulletin 10-1.pdf
meeting minutes – july 2014.pdf
October 2014 ASCAC Meeting Minutes.pdf
Policy Statements 1 – 10 Revised October 2008.pdf
Policy10Gcomments – 2007 – superseded.pdf
Press Release – Adoption of Revised Policy Statements – 2013.05.28.pdf
press release hotline 03.15.2013.pdf
redline comparison of existing vs proposed Policy Statements 10.04.17.pdf
supp to asc bulletin 10-1.pdf
Title XI as amended by Dodd-Frank.pdf
title xi as amended by the dodd-frank reform act.pdf
Voluntary Disciplinary Action Matrix – Updated Summer 2013.pdf
what ifs 5.15.14.pdf
written comment – r. mossuto.pdf