Frequently Asked Questions

What does LUYOL do?

We collect publicly available PDF documents from various websites, and store them for private use. They are not intended to be shared with anyone, other than the original author, owner, creator or publisher.

In what format will the documents be delivered?

The PDF documents will be zipped at delivery. You need to unzip the package to see them.

Do you publish PDF documents on LUYOL?

No, we don’t. We only provide the file names of legally downloaded files. The documents can’t be downloaded from this website, but are stored on secure, password protected, private locations.

Do I have to make a donation?

If you’re the original owner/creator/publisher of the files, it would be appropriate to make a donation as a token of gratitude for the service provided.

How can I be sure that the listed documents are real?

If you are the original author/creator/publisher of the documents, you’ll immediately recognize the listed file names and thumbnails as authentic. If you’re not the original owner, there is no need for you to recognize them, as we then aren’t allowed to send the documents to you.

How do I confirm that I'm the original owner of the documents?

When requesting certain documents, you have to accept our Terms & Conditions, thus legally confirming that you are the original owner – indemnifying LUYOL from any subsequent responsibilities, penalties or legal actions.

How does it work?

Find the documents you need on this website and send a request

After a voluntary donation is made, a download link will be sent to your e-mail address

What is LUYOL's business idea?

LUYOL is not a business. Donations are used to keep this website going.

I need only a few of the documents. Why do I have to download all of them?

That’s how the system is set up. All documents that were downloaded from a specific domain are zipped into one single file.

Can you send a few documents in advance?

No, sorry… The only option is to download all documents.

There are documents we didn't originally create in the file name list. Can we download them too?

Since the documents were originally published on your website, and subsequently downloaded from there, you’ve probably already gotten permission from the original author/creator of those documents. But why not ask them in advance to be completely sure.

We don't want our organization's name, images or file names on your website!

Contact us about the matter, and maybe we can work something out.